I’d like to preface this with saying the opinions and interpretations you read are my own. I am not a spiritual teacher, only one who is doing my best to follow the Path. I suggest searching for a monk or other spiritual teacher to help you with your own journey if you want deeper interpretations.

With that said, I encourage you to join me as I look at the Buddha’s teachings and try to walk the path to enlightenment.

Peace to all beings.

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Buddhism for Beginners!

I recently was recommended to check out a fantastic website for reading about the basics of Buddhism! I want to share the site with you all too! The website is https://www.alanpeto.com/collections/basics-in-buddhism/ Here’s the short bio about the website’s author. Alan Peto is an author on Modern Buddhism, and Buddhist thought.  His mission is to help others … Continue reading Buddhism for Beginners!

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